Bamboo is not only softer and more comfortable than even the finest cottons, it is much better for the environment and for you. 
It is the fastest growing plant in the world - growing as fast as 2" per hour!  
Bamboo Fabric is naturally anti-bacterial. The bamboo plant has its own natural form of defense, an anti-bacteria and bacteriostatic bio-agent called bamboo kun, allowing it to naturally flourish and grow without the use of pesticides or fertilizers. This beneficial quality of the plant remains in its textile form, preventing the fabric from harboring bacteria (which is the cause of odor).
The fibers that are used to make our shirts have natural hollow channels, which allow moisture to quickly disperse and evaporate, keeping you dry and odor free!
 Bamboo fabric is highly breathable – warming in the winter and cooling in the summer.
Bamboo is much better for the environment than cotton.  Cotton pesticides are the highest crop contributor to Volatile Organic Compounds, estimated to use 11% of the world’s pesticides and 24% of the world’s insecticides each year. Cotton requires a tremendous amount of water – approximately 10,000-17,000L of water to produce 1KG of cotton Lint. Cotton requires wide spacing to grow, allowing bare soil to oxidize in the sun, releasing carbon into the atmosphere, allowing rain to wash soil and chemicals into river ecosystems and decreasing soil fertility. Bamboo requires no pesticides, very little water and little space to grow.  Bamboo takes in five times the volume of greenhouse gasses and releases 35% more oxygen than timber trees.  It needs no replanting, and its roots retain water, preventing soil erosion.
Bamboo feels better, looks better and is much better for the environment.   

Many bamboo shirts on the market are only 70% Bamboo / 30% Cotton.  We offer shirts that are 100% Bamboo – the most comfortable shirt you will ever wear! 

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