Fabric Options

100% Bamboo

Our original and most popular fabric. The softest most comfortable fabric you will ever wear. While 100% bamboo is quite possibly a life changing experience, that will leave you never wanting to wear any other fiber for the rest of your life, there are some drawbacks that you should know before buying. 100% will shrink vertically, more so than horizontally. For this reason, we cut the body length and sleeve length extra long. Do not be surprised when you try the shirt on that it is several inches longer than you might like. After washing the shirt, the length will shrink 2-3 inches, vertically. 100% bamboo is not as durable as cotton and might slightly change shape around the neckline over time. If you are gentle with the shirt (wash cold, dry flat), the shirt will certainly keep shape and last a long time. If you prefer to wash on regular wash cycles, just know that the shirt might warp around the neckline more than a cotton shirt.


70% Bamboo / 30% Organic Cotton

If durability, sizing and shape are of great importance to you, the 70% blend is your best option. This fabric is still tremendously soft (much softer than cotton), but not quite as soft as the 100% bamboo. The blend will keep shape wash after wash, and will hold up to daily wear and tear comparable to a cotton shirt. 

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